that one skein of sock yarn

sockyarn shawl collage After the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair last year, I came home with this one skein of Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply that I just haven't been able to knit with yet. It's too beautiful. At first I thought it would make some fancy mittens or a lovely hat, but neither seemed right. I live in North Carolina where -- until the last week -- it almost never gets cold enough for mittens and I wear hats too infrequently.


We all have that skein of sock yarn we can't seem to use either because it's too lovely or too unique. Too often it's hard to find a pattern that doesn't need two skeins of the required yarn. Whether it's hand-painted, variegated or ombre, we all have that one skein.

If you're looking for the perfect pattern to use up your sock yarn, you'll find three wonderful possibilities in Wex (left), Woven (center), and Hitchhiker (right). Each has its own character, but all promise to be addictive, quick knits.

Maybe one of these lovely patterns will be perfect for your special skein!