in praise of dreamy packaging

packaging collageOn the most recent episode of my podcast, I mentioned how much I love checking the mail. This is a problem as I also love shopping (especially for yarny things). So you can imagine how this can easily become a problem! I finally made a purchase from The Vintage Rose after hearing about her stitch markers on many podcasts and blogs. I chose to get four claw markers because I like to use them as "progress markers". Dangly stitch markers annoy me as row markers, but these are like jewelry for your knitting! I chose a betta fish (in honor of my blue betta, Freddie Mercury), a pegasus, a mermaid and a sweet little birdhouse. They were packaged up so nicely in tiny bag with a handwritten thank you card.

On my Instagram I shared a picture of the package I received from Little Bobbins. I placed an order of three DPN cozies -- my DPNs are constantly jabbing through my project bags -- and look how they arrived! Each one has a hand-stamped tag with a tiny stitch marker affixed to it! Dani is all about sweet details, so I appreciated seeing her personality come through in her packaging.

Great packaging gets me every time! What elements do you like to see in packaging for online orders?